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Container Supplier in China

Jun Tai International is a brand new container manufacturer, and new and used container supplier, located in the port city Shenzhen, China. We mainly supply dry cargo container, reefer container, as well as reefer spare parts such as the reefer genset and trailer refrigeration unit. In fact we offer almost every type of transport vessels available. Whether you want insulated, ventilated, refrigerated, open top, platform based, or almost any style you can think of, Jun Tai International is the company for you >>more

  • Dry Cargo Container
  • Dry Cargo ContainerDry cargo container is also called bulk container. It is fully enclosed and weatherproof. It has rigid walls with at least one operational door. It is commonly used to transport solid, grain or powder cargos that don't need regulated temperature. Chemical products, electronic machines, handworks, medicine, daily necessities, fabrics and instrument parts can also be transported by dry cargo containers.
    The framework and wall plate can be made of steel with high ...
  • Reefer Container
  • Reefer ContainerThe reefer container has good thermal insulation and gastight performance. Due to its ability of keeping low temperature, reefer container can be used in transportation and storage of perishable food like meat or fruits. The suitable temperature needed by cargos and the technical condition of refrigeration plant must be supervised to merchandise successful delivery.
    The reefer container falls into several types such as insulated type, internal type, external type, liquid nitrogen and dry ice reefer container...
  • Trailer Refrigeration Unit
  • Trailer Refrigeration UnitThe control system of trailer refrigeration unit gives accurate control when cargos need strict temperature requirements. The Carrier ultra reefer unit has been designed in a modularized and standardized way making easy to maintain due to low number of pieces. Its shape design meets the aerodynamic requirements making it smooth in turning with a small turning diameter. A unique automotive start and stop oil saving system is applied as well.
    The trailer refrigeration unit's shell is made of high strength material. It has optimum air ...
  • Reefer Container Gensets
  • Reefer Container GensetsThe reefer container genset is a diesel generating equipment that supplies three phase power for the refrigerating system in a reefer container. The reefer container gensets provide electric power for air condition compressor and cargos to keep low temperature in long distance sea or land transportation.
    The reefer container gensets have steel structure framework bearing impact and vibration five times the force of gravity acceleration in every direction. They have to be installed in a proper container in ...