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Dry Cargo Container

Dry cargo container is also called bulk container. It is fully enclosed and weatherproof. It has rigid walls with at least one operational door. It is commonly used to transport solid, grain or powder cargos that don't need regulated temperature. Chemical products, electronic machines, handworks, medicine, daily necessities, fabrics and instrument parts can also be transported by dry cargo containers.

The framework and wall plate of the dry cargo container can be made of steel with high strength, solid structure, good welding and watertight performance. It has corrosion resistance and is easy to repair. Dry Cargo stainless steel containers have advantages as high strength, good rust and corrosion resistance but it needs high investment, that's why is not common.

A dry cargo container can be also made of aluminum in two types. One type is steel framework with aluminum plates and the other type is only the ends of the framework made of steel, the rest uses aluminum. A dry cargo aluminum container has light weight, superior rust resistance, beautiful appearance and good elasticity. On the other hand, it has high building price and it has lack of strength.

There is another type of dry cargo made of composite board of glass fiber reinforced installed on steel frameworks with great heat insulation, corrosion and chemical resistance, easy to clean and repair. It has high strength bearing enormous stress yet with huge weight and building price.

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