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Bulk Cargo Container

The bulk cargo container is sealed with a structure made of glass fiber reinforced or steel and it has high strength in side panels. It's used to transport grain and powder cargo like grains or cement. If plant quarantine is needed, smoke or steam can be used to clean the bulk cargo container. It's also used for loading cargo of high density such as malt or chemicals.

The bulk cargo container usually has two or three small hatches on the roof to make cargo loading easier. It has also watertight covers for hatches in case of rain or water leakage. The bulk cargo container has a lifting frame on the floor which can rise up to 40°, designed for convenient loading.

We are a specialized bulk cargo container provider and lessor, based in China. We lease and sell brand new and used reefer container, insulated container, dry cargo container, and trailer refrigeration unit, among others.

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