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Reefer Container

The reefer container has good thermal insulation and gastight performance. Due to its ability of keeping low temperature, reefer container can be used in transportation and storage of perishable food like meat or fruits. The suitable temperature needed by cargos and the technical condition of refrigeration plant must be supervised to merchandise successful delivery.

The reefer container falls into several types such as insulated type, internal type, external type, liquid nitrogen and dry ice reefer container, plate refrigerator type, air adjustment type and other types.

The reefer container uses a galvanized steel structure. The container wall, roof panel, floor plate and door are made of metal composite board, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate and polyester. The size and performance of the reefer container is internationally standardized. The working temperature of a reefer container ranges from -30℃ to 12℃ and a more universal range is from -30℃ to 20℃. It can't be higher than -18℃ when transporting frozen cargos.

The reefer container has fast speed in loading and unloading and can be used in various vehicles. The transportation time is short and the cost is low. Additionally, the temperature inside reefer container is stable contributing to environmental safety. It can be transported by sea or land.

An empty reefer container can be 31.3℃/h. Depending on ambience temperature, cargos and container itself, cooling cargo could take from 15 hours to 2 days. After getting to the setting data at 18℃±3℃, the temperature inside the container must be kept stable. When calculating the temperature rising rate without cooling, the following experience formula can be used:
0.0054*(tw-tn) ℃/h for refrigeration cargo
0.0067*(tw-tn) ℃/h for frozen cargo.
tw and tn respectively refers to the outer temperature and the temperature inside the container.

The reefer container can be transported in combined ways through various vehicles. It transports from producing area to the market and also delivers national or international cargo. In some condition, reefer container can be used as mobile refrigeration house. The whole reefer container can be lifted, giving a high loading and unloading efficiency and low transportation cost. New types of reefer container are developing lately with advanced structure and improved technical performance.

When using reefer container, some requirements should be followed like checking original quality refrigerated or frozen cargo and carefully load and unload products because a short circuit can modify temperature. Also, in long distance transportation of refrigeration cargo, the difference between setting temperature and true temperature cannot be more than 3℃.

When transporting frozen cargo, the difference cannot be more than 0.5℃. An air-vent must be opened time to time to allow air flowing when fresh fruit and vegetable are being transported. Finally, the reefer container must be ventilated according to the outer temperature and humidity when transporting cargo packed in paper boxes. This measure keeps boxes dry and prevents the dew formation on their outside surface.

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