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Insulated Container

The insulated container has additional layers inside like plywood using new environmental and saving energy material with composites aluminum coating and polyethylene base materials. It efficiently reduces ambience changing and prevents dew formation on cargos that can be influenced by temperature but don't need refrigeration.

The insulated container layers have the characteristic of reflecting thermal radiation, reducing heat and heat conduction. Owing to this theory, ultraviolet rays are stopped from getting through iron sheet, mud wall, wooden wall and other common insulation materials. Reflecting sunlight, the insulated container keeps temperature stable and save energy.

The insulated container is light, solid, nontoxic, safe and environmental with low cost. It doesn't keep the heat preventing merchandise change its form or even melt during transportation. The insulated container is used to deliver fruits and vegetables and is capable to transport other perishable or fresh food that combined with ice can resist 72 hours.

As a professional insulated container manufacturer and supplier in China, HONG KONG JUN TAI sells and leases a wide range of products, including used dry cargo container, bulk cargo container, brand new trailer refrigeration unit, and many others.

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