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Tank Container

The tank container is also called isotank. It is a stainless pressure vessel installed in fastening frame. Its inner wall is mostly manufactured by 316 stainless steel. Most tank containers have steam or electrical heating, inert gas protection, decompression and other optional devices for loading, unloading and transporting fluids.

There is a bearing frame around of the tank container which offers extra protection. Its size is according with the international standard 20' container with a 20 feet length, 8 feet width and 8 feet 6 inches height. The tank container can load from 14,300 to 31,000 liters of liquid.

Choosing a tank container is economical, practical, faster, safer, environmentally friendly and nicer appearance than using barrels into a standard dry cargo container. A 20 feet regular container can load just 24,000 liters. Transporting 40% more reduces costs and time by any means, highway, railway or sea.

The tank container offers easy and fast operation plus the convenience and safe door to door transportation. With its stylish appearance, customers will impress their own clients. The tank container is known around the world as the safest transportation method for chemical and food products without leaking and polluting, protecting investments and environment.

Nowadays Europe, America and Japan have some rules that some cargo must be transported in tank container and eventually barrel transportation will be eliminated. This environment friendly transportation is becoming popular in China and around the world.

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