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20ft Container

20ft container is a large box used to carry and delivery goods by road, rail, sea or air with a standard size of twenty feet suitable to be carried for any kind of transportation. It can be used and reused for several years due to its superior quality. With different types like dry freight type, reefer type, open top type and flat rack container, the 20ft container is suitable to carry your cargo.

20ft container is capable of carry from 21 to 24 tons depending on type. Nevertheless, container dimensions and weights are given as accurately as possible but may slightly vary depending on final specifications. Refrigerated and insulated units have smaller dimensions and weight differences according with materials.

Different Types of 20ft Containers with Specific Measurements

Equipment Interior Dimensions Door Opening Cubic Capacity Payload Exterior Dimensions
20' dry freight container L 5919 mm W 2340 mm H 2380 mm W 2286 mm H 2278 mm 33.0 cbm 1165 cu.ft. 22110 Kg 48721 lbs L 6058 mm W 2438 mm H 2591 mm
20' reefer container L 5428 mm W 2266 mm H 2240 mm W 2286 mm H 2188 mm 27.5 cbm 971 cu.ft. 24060 Kg 53043 lbs L 6058 mm W 2438 mm H 2591 mm
20' open top container L 5919 mm W 2340 mm H 2286 mm W 2286 mm H 2251 mm 31.6 cbm 1116 cu.ft. 21826 Kg 48117 lbs L 6058 mm W 2438 mm H 2591 mm
20' flat rack container L 5662 mm W 2438 mm H 2327 mm 21470 Kg 47333 lbs L 6058 mm W 2438 mm H 2591 mm

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