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45ft Container

The 45ft container is a large metallic box to transport goods by road, rail, sea or air. It can be easily changed from one vehicle to another one reaching its final destination without touching its content. A high cube container has same characteristics but is taller.

The 45ft container transport from 27 to 29 tons. The container dimensions and weight have slight differences due to the number of lashing rings, container material or other specifications. The reefer container might have other specifications as well that represents little differences on the dimensions and weights on this chart.

Different Types of 45ft Containers with Specific Measurements

Equipment Interior Dimensions Door Opening Cubic Capacity Payload Exterior Dimensions
45' high cube dry container L 13582 mm W 2347 mm H 2690 mm W 2340 mm H 2585 mm 85.7 cnm 3.026 cu.ft. 29600 Kg 65256 lbs L 13716 mm W 2438 mm H 2896 mm
45' high cube reefer container L 13102 mm W 2294 mm H 2509 mm W 2290 mm H 2535 mm 75.4 cbm 2663 cu.ft. 27300 Kg 60185 lbs L 13716 mm W 2438 mm H 2896 mm

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