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Steel Container

This container has steel plates as well as its elements. The steel container has the advantages of high strength, solid structure, good welding and watertight performance with a low building price. On the other hand, the steel container is heavy reducing the loading weight of cargos.

The steel container has anti- corrosion properties. Its lifetime is about 10 to 12 years, increasing if rust is removed and is painted twice a year.

Specifications of the Steel Container

Container Inside cubic capacity Maximum gross Weight cargo Volume
20ft 5.94m ×2.34m×2.39m 28.25 ton 33 stere
40ft 12.06m ×2.34m×2.39m 28.8 ton 67 stere
40ft high cube 12.06m ×2.34m×2.69m 30.2 ton 76 stere
45ft high cube container 13.5m ×2.34m×2.71m 27.7 ton 85 stere
20ft open top container 5.89m ×2.32m×2.31m 20 ton 31.5 stere
40ft open top 12.01m ×2.33m×2.15m 30.4 ton 65 stere
20ft flat rack 5.85m ×2.23m×2.15m 23 ton 28 stere
40ft flat rack container 12.05m ×2.12m×1.96m 36 ton 50 stere

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