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Aluminum Container

The aluminum container has just its main parts made of this material, is also called aluminum alloy container. Made of aluminum magnesium alloy, it is light weight because its density is one-third of steel. A 20' aluminum container is about 1700 Kg, 25% lighter than a steel container. It can load more weight of cargo than a steel container of the same size.

The aluminum magnesium alloy forms an oxidation film that resist common corrosion, however, less effective in sea water. The aluminum container is stainless and has good appearance. It has good elasticity, is easy to generate deformation when outer force is added and will recover after the out force is removed.

The aluminum container is low budget building and maintenance. Usually, some coating is painted on the out surface and its lifetime is about 15 years. It's suitable to use on a container ship with a cell container structure.

Specifications of the Aluminum Container

Container Inside cubic capacity Maximum gross Weight cargo Volume
20ft 5.94m ×2.34m×2.39m 28.25 ton 33 stere
40ft 12.06m ×2.34m×2.39m 28.8 ton 67 stere
40ft high cube 12.06m ×2.34m×2.69m 30.2 ton 76 stere
45ft high cube 13.5m ×2.34m×2.71m 27.7 ton 85 stere
20ft open top 5.89m ×2.32m×2.31m 20 ton 31.5 stere
40ft open top 12.01m ×2.33m×2.15m 30.4 ton 65 stere
20ft flat rack 5.85m ×2.23m×2.15m 23 ton 28 stere
40ft flat rack 12.05m ×2.12m×1.96m 36 ton 50 stere

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