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Reefer Container Gensets

The reefer container genset is a diesel generating equipment that supplies three phase power for the refrigerating system in a reefer container. The reefer container gensets provide electric power for air condition compressor and cargos to keep low temperature in long distance sea or land transportation.

The reefer container gensets have steel structure framework bearing impact and vibration five times the force of gravity acceleration in every direction. They have to be installed in a proper container in order to not to damage its structure. The reefer container gensets are reliable and safe to transport perishable foods by railway, highway or sea.

The reefer container gensets are composed of water-cooled diesel engine, electric generator, storage battery and control box. The out surface of framework, fuel tank, metal door and panel, control box and power output screen are painted with white strength coating. This paint uses zinc rich primer as undercoat, epoxy resin paint as intermediate coat and polyester paint as finishing coat. The framework and fuel tank surface is black.

The fasteners and hinge of the reefer container gensets are made of stainless steel material or processed by ni-p plating. This can prevent sea water and salt mist corrosion in a maximum level. The reefer container falls into 3 categories, wall mounted reefer container gensets, ground seated reefer container gensets and suspension type reefer container gensets.

Technical Parameters of Reefer Container Gensets

Rated power (Kw) 15
Rated voltage (V) 460 - 440
Rated frequency (Hz) 60
Length (mm) 1550 1570 1570
Width (mm) 660
Height (mm) 1000
Weight (Kg) 800 (including lubrication oil and cooling liquid)
Diesel engine
Model 4TNV88-GGE V2203-BG 4L 22BD-RF
Manufacture Japan YANMAN Japan KUBOTA Shandong Huayuan Laidong Engine
Type Erect four stroke diesel engine cooled by air fan and water
Cylinder number 4
Cylinder diameter (mm) 88 87 85
Stroke (mm) 90 92.4 95
Continuous power (Kw) 19.6 20.2 21
Total displacement (L) 2.19 2.197 2.156
Maximum power (Kw) 23.7 24.4 25.4
Revolving speed (r/min) 1800
Volume of cooling liquid (L) 8
Volume of lubrication oil (L) 8
Volume of fuel oil (L) 140
Fuel consumption L/h
100% (15 Kw) 5 5.3 5.2
75% (11.25 Kw) 4 4.2 4.1
50% (7.5 Kw) 3 3.2 3.1
25% (3.75 Kw) 2.2 2.3 2.2
0% (0 Kw) 1.4 1.5 1.4
Type of air cleaner Heavy oil bath
Starting system 12V electrical starting
Cold start auxiliary Air heater
Charging generator 12V diesel engine with charging generator
Model RF-15-CIMC
Manufacture Marathon
Class of insulation F/H
Excitation method Self-excitation without brush
Control system
Controller Japan YANMAN Japan KUBOTA Japan KUBOTA
Instruments Stopwatch, water temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, charging ammeter
Security protection Engine closing down in situation of low oil pressure, high water temperature, short circuit and overload
Generator control Start-stop button, engine failure indicator
Auxiliary system
Storage battery 12VDC-100AH storage battery without maintenance
Power output sockets ISO standard junction box, also meets CEE-17 standard. The current can be 32A and earth electrode is 3 o'clock direction.
Fuel oil gauge Mechanical fuel oil gauge imported from USA
Main switch 25A main switch imported from USA. Artificial reset needed after the switch trips
Low oil pressure switch 100±20 kpa
High water temperature switch 97℃ ±2℃

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