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Trailer Refrigeration Unit

HONG KONG JUN TAI offers a special trailer refrigeration unit with advanced technology. The trailer refrigeration unit, also called Carrier ultra reefer unit, has a special design which offers a great refrigerating capacity, reliable performance and long lifetime. Owning to its design, the maintenance time and operating expenses are significantly low. It has durable belt wheel driving system and wear-resisting clutch and gear box with the most advanced engine and compressor.

The control system of trailer refrigeration unit gives accurate control when cargos need strict temperature requirements. The Carrier ultra reefer unit has been designed in a modularized and standardized way making easy to maintain due to low number of pieces. Its shape design meets the aerodynamic requirements making it smooth in turning with a small turning diameter. A unique automotive start and stop oil saving system is applied as well.

The trailer refrigeration unit's shell is made of high strength material. It has optimum air flowing that is equally distributed. The CT4-134TV tri-scroll engine has great performance with unique and effective oil injection system. It gives more mix air and oil than our competitors' direct injection diesel engine.

According to these features, complete combustion, bigger output power, lower noise and vibration to meet European standards and cleaner exhaust gas is offered. The trailer refrigeration unit has a deviating piston design that noticeably reduces the vibration of engine and compressor increasing the machine's lifetime.

The 05G compressor for the trailer refrigeration unit is first-class and with high reliability, ahead of the 40CID 6 cylinder compressor. It is specially manufactured for the Carrier ultra reefer unit. It offers a high cooling capacity and fast cooling speed giving the best protection for cooled and frozen cargos in a modern trailer. The unique posi-lube oil pressure equipment can ensure the complete lubrication of compressor, even under 0℃ and the double-ring piston reduces the leakage of lubrication oil.

An exclusive automotive 'start-stop' saving oil system is applied. This trailer refrigeration unit has new microprocessor control system with a standard configuration. The engine works when the cargo temperature needs to be kept reducing 75% the oil consumption, even lower. The automotive 'start-stop' system has a higher energy using rate as well, increasing engine's lifetime and its parts.

This trailer refrigeration unit has the newest computer logical function. To illustrate, it has a microcomputer refrigeration system equipped with an Ultra Fresh 2 temperature controller and highlights centralized management performance with optimal temperature choosing. It doesn't become complex and the cooling capacity doesn't reduce. The Ultra Fresh2 temperature controller for the Carrier ultra reefer unit can greatly improve the refrigerating function. When it is higher than -12℃, it keeps the temperature of perishable cargo in a ±1℃ range around the setting point.

This trailer refrigeration unit has 100 pounds weight. Its shell uses aeronautical material lighter than traditional metal and is durable with a super light framework.

This trailer refrigeration unit, or Carrier Ultra Reefer NDM94A-380V-50-3, is manufactured by American Carrier and imported with original packaging. It uses environment-protecting refrigerating fluid R-404A. A 380V 50Hz electric system is included and 05G (40CID) 6 cylinder compressor as well with CT4-134TV tri-scroll diesel engine. Ultra Fresh 2™ temperature controller is also included.

Refrigeration Scale of the Trailer Refrigeration Unit
Ambient temperature 38℃. Rotating speed of diesel engine 1900 rpm

2 ℃ -18 ℃ -29 ℃
15826 W 10257 W 6008 W

Ambient temperature 30℃.

Driven by diesel engine Driven by storage battery
0 ℃ -20 ℃ 0 ℃ -20 ℃
19220 W 10030 W 13910 W 9350 W

Specifications of the Trailer Refrigeration Unit

Functional Parameter Choice Explanation
Defrost timer set for 1.5 hours 3 hours 6 hours 12 hours When temperature of DTT1 and DTT2 is under 4.4℃ (40℉), defrost timer setter will automatically work according to set time. Short slot time is usually for warm and wet cargo such as agricultural products. Long slot time is for dry and frozen foods.
Set S/S parameters 8 parameters are showed, 4 in preservation mode and 4 in frozen mode. Or 4 parameters are showed without referring to specific mode. You can set time and temperature here to control the automatic running. When "TOGETHER" is set in the computer, operation can only be done in preservation mode.
Perish-frozen, minute run time 4 minutes to 60 minutes Min run time after automatic starting in automotive running mode can be set here.
Perish-frozen, minute off time 10 minutes to 90 minutes 20 minutes default Min off time after automatic stopping in automatic running mode can be set here.
Perish-frozen override temperature 2℃ (3.5℉) to 10℃ (18℉) 6℃ default Temperature setting in automatic mode, after temperature reaches the set value, the trailer refrigeration unit stops. The unit will ignore "MIN OFF TIME", when temperature is above or under the set range in preservation mode or above the set range in frozen mode.
Perish-frozen, maximum off time Off 10 minutes to 255 minutes When "OFF" is chosen, there is no limit of time. When "MAX OFF TIME" is set, the max off time will not be longer than set value. When set value is reached, temperature changing or not, the trailer refrigeration unit will start automatically.
Frozen shutdown offset 0℃ (0℉) to 2℃ (3.6℉) This set value is just for start-stop running in frozen mode. In frozen mode, if "0℃" is chosen, the trailer refrigeration unit stops when temperature reaches set value. If "2℃" is chosen, the trailer refrigeration unit will continue till temperature is 2℃ lower than set value. This mainly considers the temperature rise after unit stops.
Temperature control Return air Supply air The Carrier ultra reefer unit has a return air inductor and a supply inductor. This option is when set temperature is above -12℃ (10.4℉). The trailer refrigeration unit will choose which temperature of inductor is used and showed on the screen. Most products choose return air as controlling temperature. If product is sensitive to temperature change in small environment, the temperature of supply air inductor can be chosen. Under this circumstance, the Carrier ultra reefer unit will control the air temperature out from the evaporators the same as the set value.
Display in English units Metric units English units ('F/psig) Metric units('C/Bars)
*Set PM hour-meters If PM hour-meters active, it will show in this list.
Switch on, engine, PM1 Thru 5 Off resume reset When the set value of timer is reached and maintenance is finished, choose "RESET" and press "=". Then the alarm is activated and the next maintenance time can be set. When timer is still in the interval, only "OFF" and "RESET" can be chosen. If "OFF" is chosen and "=" is pressed, the timer will stop counting and offers no maintenance alarm in later use. If "RESUME" is chosen, the timer will be reactivated and recover to the running time as it was closed last time.
Out of range alarm Off 4℉-2℃ 5.5℉-3℃ 7℉-4℃ When temperature reaches set value but then goes out of range for 15 minutes, 30 minutes in version 02.03.00 or above, "OUT-OF-RANGE ALARM" will appear. If "OUT-OF-RANGE OFF" is set, the trailer refrigeration unit will stop if temperature doesn't return to set range in 45 minutes. This option is used to set a range around the set value. "2℃/4℉" used when strict temperature control required. "4℃/7℉" used when strict temperature control is not required. If "OFF" is chosen, alarm will be closed.
Air flow Normal high The "Normal" option allows the trailer refrigeration unit to run in a high or low speed according to the temperature difference between the container and set value. Many cargos emit heat during transportation, especially agriculture products. "HIGH" can be chosen when transporting agriculture products to make air flowing and make an environment of constant temperature. If choosing "HIGH", motor will run in a high speed. Attention: if the set temperature is lower than -12℃/14℉, "HIGH" choice can't be used.
Auto Fresh Air XTC only CFM control open Closed Closed, auto fresh air inlet will be closed throughout. Open, auto fresh air inlet will be open throughout. CFM control, open level of air inlet is controlled according to set value.
Auto Fresh Air Control XTC only 5 to 50 CFM 25CFM default When "set value control" is chosen, the set value is used to control the open level of air inlet.
High speed delay Low speed start-up A "low speed" running time at every start can be set by users.
Continuous Off or 1 to 255 minutes
Start-stop Off or 1 to 255 minutes
Unloader pressure control Std -5 +5 Recommended set value is "Std". Unless discussed with carrier company or senior engineer this set can't be changed.
Sleep mode No Yes NO-This is the choice in common situation. YES-Choose sleep mode. Only when needed. In this mode, the trailer refrigeration unit keeps engine warm and supply power to charge battery. It is not for refrigeration. Besides, "NO TEMPERATURE CONTROL" will display on the screen. This mode is commonly used in cold areas where the engine may not be able to start smoothly due to extremely low temperatures.
*Override door shutdown No Yes NO-when the set is "override door shutdown", if door is open it shuts down the trailer refrigeration unit. YES-When door is open, the unit works.
*Override Rems (1-2) shutdown No Yes NO-When the door is open or door switch is off, remote control starts or stops the Carrier ultra reefer unit. YES-It isn't controlled by door switch or remote control, the unit works.
Language-Idioma English Español English, Screen is displayed in English. Español, Screen is displayed in Spanish.

Selections in bold are factory settings.
*This functional parameter may not appear in the list of your trailer refrigerator unit, depending on how the microprocessor has been configured.

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